Sunday, March 9, 2008

Who is Zenouska Mowatt?

You don't know who Zenouska Mowatt is? Shame on you! She is the 40th in the Windsor line of succession, the sequence of members of the Royal Family in the order in which they stand in line to the throne. Also, I find from Google, she has been mentioned in the pages of Hello magazine. No pictures, though.

Here are the top 40, from the Royal website:

1. The Prince of Wales
2. Prince William of Wales
3. Prince Henry of Wales
4. The Duke of York
5. Princess Beatrice of York
6. Princess Eugenie of York
7. The Earl of Wessex
8. Viscount Severn
9. The Lady Louise Windsor
10. The Princess Royal
11. Mr. Peter Phillips
12. Miss Zara Phillips
13. Viscount Linley
14. The Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones
15. The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones
16. The Lady Sarah Chatto
17. Master Samuel Chatto
18. Master Arthur Chatto
19. The Duke of Gloucester
20. Earl of Ulster
21. Lord Culloden
22. The Lady Davina Lewis
23. The Lady Rose Windsor
24. The Duke of Kent
25. The Lady Marina-Charlotte Windsor
26. The Lady Amelia Windsor
27. The Lady Helen Taylor
28. Master Columbus Taylor
29. Master Cassius Taylor
30. Miss Eloise Taylor
31. Miss Estella Taylor
32. The Lord Frederick Windsor
33. The Lady Gabriella Windsor
34. Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Lady Ogilvy
35. Mr. James Ogilvy
36. Master Alexander Ogilvy
37. Miss Flora Ogilvy
38. Miss Marina Ogilvy
39. Master Christian Mowatt
40. Miss Zenouska Mowatt

So in theory she could be our Queen Zenouska if enough unfortunate accidents were to happen further up the line. How do you feel about that?

For my part, I do not believe that this country will be truly democratic until we have an elected head of state, and the Royal Prerogative, at present wielded by the Prime Minister, is transferred to parliament.

Just now we are hearing a lot about the Democrat versus Republican contests in the USA. Here in the UK we can ignore their conservative/liberal labels and reflect on the fact that for us, every true democrat should be a republican!