Monday, March 3, 2008

Gordon Brown, our omniscient leader

Or is he? Or does he know my mind better than I do? One of his favourite phrases is "everyone in Britain". Now I was born in Britain and have lived here most of my life, including the last thirty years, but nevertheless Gordon keeps telling me that "everyone in Britain" disagrees with me, for example over the recent brief visit of Harry Windsor to Afghanistan. I am not in the least "proud of him", despite Gordon Brown telling me I am. Rather, I am concerned for the lives and safety of all of our soldiers in Afghanistan, whether we should be there or not, and I know that they are performing bravely under extreme conditions. The Windsor visit, however well he performed personally in the role he was trained for, must have taken valuable time from the commanders of the real Army, landed with the chore of keeping a "royal" safe when he was not really needed there. It was either the selfish act of an over-privileged young man, or a last desperate propaganda exercise on behalf of the Windsors. Either way, Gordon Brown should realise that he doesn't know the minds of "everyone in Britain", and should start listening. However, there are none so deaf as those who will not hear.